I worked in hotels for a long time, about 10 years all together. It's a great job for a college kid, you can study at work and it really isn't difficult work. Admittedly I worked in a... mid-level hotel. It was an airport hotel, not exactly 4 stars, and there were always a series of problems on every shift. I always assumed that the problems were a function of the level of the hotel, and not just standard hotel problems.

Well, I'm away on business, and staying at what is probably one of the more expensive hotels I've ever slept in, (thanks project expense account!) and let me tell you... the problems are the same. When I checked in I was given a key that didn't work. After retrieving another key I found myself in a room where all of the furniture was disassembled and pushed to the center of the room, as if someone had been painting the walls. This afternoon on the way to lunch I passed a room where the door was left standing open, the whole room exposed. An hour later when I returned it was in the same condition. I passed a maintenance worker on the way to my room and pointed it out to him, he just shrugged and said that housekeeping had probably forgotten to close it (!).

So, all in all... I guess a hotel is a hotel, and maybe I shouldn't put my old employers down quite as much.

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  • Curator Says:

    I don't know - it sounds as if they all need a bit of "putting down". So much for the "hospitality" industry!

    Hope things are starting to go a little more smoothly . . .