Working Confluences

The last few days have been a struggle of work... a freelance project that I am late on and struggling to get done in a reasonable time, the beginning of work on my summer stock designs, and the big "giraffe" meeting. All compounded by the fact that I have to travel to the site of the "giraffe" show which is trumping everything else. Thursday night was a fight to get everything for that meeting finished in time to get it into FedEx and delivered to the media company that is helping with the meeting... a long day, that didn't actually work out. I missed the FedEx pick up and had to work out a way to transmit the rather large files via the net to a net phobic client. The next day was worse, packing, cleaning, trying to get the freelance project moved forward since it is due while I am away... which also didn't work out. I'm tired and overworked... a lovely position to be in. But right now I am going to snuggle into my hotel bed and see if I can rest a bit.

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