Calendar Oddities

In the course of talking with a friend while hiking the other day I admitted to three moments of deep geekery when it comes to calendar dates in my life.

1) Today is Darwin 15th, 40 -- Sometime around 11th grade I read an article touting the "Tranquility Calender." A 13 month calender, designed for scientific use where each month has 28 days, and dates fall on the same day every year. To account for the 365th day there is Armstrong day, a day outside any month, and in leap years Aldrin day. I promptly started dating all of my papers and notes using this system. That lasted for about a year.

2) Today is the Feast of St. Bartholomew -- In art school I began a fascination with Saints Icons and Saints Days, and promptly started appending any date that I wrote down with the appropriate Saints Day. That lasted about two years.

3) Today is the first day of World Hearing Aid Awareness Week -- A few years ago I began an ongoing fascination with... odd holidays... you can read all about those here.

So... what does it say about me that for years now I have been looking for alternative ways to mark events in my life?

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