I'm Worried

Look, Brooke Shields obviously thinks that my eyelashes are too thin. She keeps telling me, (via ads on Hulu) that I need to start taking Latisse to thicken them, she's even been showing me freaky time-lapse video of her new lashes growing in. This is JUST like 10 years ago when every other commercial was all about how ugly bald people are and how you should take some drug to stop yourself from being ugly... and then my hair thinned! And now I find out how ugly people are without eyelashes... what if they fall out too?! Ohmigod, ohmigod, ZOMG!!!

Seriously... are there people out there SO concerned about how thin their eyelashes are that they are willing to take a drug everyday that may also give you dark sin around your eye lids, and could possibly ALTER THE COLOR OF YOUR EYES just to thicken them up? Where the fuck am I living? Don't you thin lashed freaks have better things to worry about? If you don't... drop me a line. I have some suggestions for you.

1 Response to "I'm Worried"

  • Ruth Says:

    I don't have thick lashes. The men in my family were blessed with them, not the women. Would I do this? NEVER! We've now officially gone too far...