That Last Box

I moved 1 year, 4 months ago. This weekend I unpacked the last box.

Technically it wasn't a box, it was a pile. A pile of books that we didn't have room for, so they got pushed into a corner and forgotten. Since then they have been a place for the cat to nap, for dust to collect, and for us to generally not look at, and wish it would go away. Last week we received delivery of 4 new book shelves, which means that for the first time in 16 months all of the books have a home. Every last one of them. KF spent the weekend playing librarian, and arranging books in an arcane system that only he really understands, which led to a flurry of other cleaning and arranging. That box of papers that he had been ignoring since he started school? Filed! The space in the breakfront that was housing junk? Empty! The broken bed frame that has been held up by a stack of books for the entire three years we've been dating even though I brought a new one with me when I moved in? Replaced! KF really did all the work, I have to admit, but it is awesome to finally have things closer to a perfect order. The next, and really last, thing to tackle is the kitchen. There is some serious rethinking to be done in there though, which will probably require a new piece of furniture or two... anybody know where I can get a good pantry?

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