Oct 12 of 12

Another month, another 12 of 12, Chad Darnell's photo-documentary project. See the other participants here.

My theme this month was "The Colors of Fall." I'm liking the cooler weather, though, in a few weeks I'm sure I'll be complaining about it.

Getting ready for work. I had tuna, (with my new favorite tuna salad recipe) and these carrots.

Spotted on the way to my office.

Ultraman stalks the apple I brought for my afternoon snack.

A magazine in the lobby of my office. We've been trying to figure out where they come from. They appear every few weeks on the table, by magic it seems. There is no subscription tag, no one in the office seems to see anyone drop it off.. yet there it is, like clockwork.

A little light reading with lunch.

Headed home!!

The Thomas Hart-Benton mural in the lobby of the building, it is a tribute to the American worker. Typical Hart-Benton stuff.

A grocery on my walk home. Pumpkins are the surest sign that the weather is cooling and that fall is on the way!

My corner. The orange and the purple are nice together, don't you think?

I guess lobbies are a mini-theme this month. One of the many murals in my apartment building lobby.

Kid Flash made me snickerdoodles!! I do love him.

And to bracket my day with carrots a felt carrot that is part of a craft project that I am working on. Isn't it cute?

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