A Task, Completed

For the first time in my history as an artist I have filled a sketchbook. The previous post marks the final page of my subway sketchbook.

I began this sketchbook on April 20th, and had a three month hiatus while I was away for summerstock this summer. There are 80 pages in the book, and I've shared a little more than half of the sketches with you guys. Minus the three months I was away that means that I filled this little book in roughly two and a half months.

I've kept dozens of sketchbooks over the years, beginning in art school, where there was roughly one begun every semester. Since then I have attempted to sketch on a daily basis several times, but in all those sketchbooks, and all that time, I never actually filled one. Several of those partially filled books are on my bookshelves even now.

So I decided to post the very first sketch from the book, (previously unseen!, everybody say "oooooh!") to show a contrast, from then to now. I think I've progressed quite a bit don't you?

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