Subway Sketches Part XLVIII

He started talking to me because I was wearing a shirt with a red dragon embroidered on the sleeve, and he had a shirt with black dragon on the chest. Red Dragon to Black Dragon he wanted to know what I had cooked today (rice and shredded beef), and whether or not I recognized the symbols on his rings, which apparently were Shiite Muslim symbols. He wanted to know if I had heard of them, but seemed unhappy when I said that I had heard about them on the news. he asked if I was christian, and when I answered atheist he seemed incredulous that an atheist would wear the symbol of a dragon, since the dragon symbolizes hell's fire. I tried to keep my sketchbook turned but he was determined to get a look, and when he figured out what I was doing he insisted that he'd make a better subject that the lady I was actually sketching. His face was far more memorable he said, and dragons had to respect one another. Thankfully I was only one stop from home, which allowed me to beg off. It's not often that people pay attention to what I'm doing, or at least that they let me know that they have picked up on it, and even then they don't usually acknowledge it much. I prefer those people. Sorry Black Dragon.

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