At The Gallery: Intermission

Okay... we got in from the gallery last night at nearly 2 after an evening of meeting, greeting and drinking wine!

I'll leave most of it until I get back to the city... but just as a quickie... the show was an enormous success! I was able to meet and greet the patrons from 7:30 to almost 11, the show didn't seem to want to end! Everyone just stayed and chatted. I sold 20 pieces already!

I am exhausted though. My voice is a bit weak this morning from talking so much last night and this little sleep is barely gonna hold me until I get to the airport.

Mark was in charge of the camera last night and he nearly filled a memory card with photos (over 200 shots!) so I'll edit those down and get them posted this afternoon. Look for a complete update later!

5 Response to "At The Gallery: Intermission"

  • Sharon Says:

    Cully, it was a great show and nice meeting you! I hope you come back to Houston again real soon. I posted pictures on my blog:

  • Jessica Says:

    And there are photos up on the gallery myspace:

    I saw some friends this afternoon and they are still talking about the show. The sounds of a smash hit. I'll send you some of the comments from the show later. Hope your trip home was smooth.

  • Penny Says:

    Congratulations Cully, sounds as if it went off really well. Keep updating us.

  • Valerie Says:

    Cully, I'm so happy for you! I've been talking about your work and showing your blog to my friends, and I think I'm developing a fan club for you! I'm so glad to hear that your opening was a success.

  • Tony Says:

    Congtatulation Cully, glad to know that subway new yorkers are a success in Texas :)