Holiday Crafts

This weekend was all about getting ready for the holiday. I've decided that I'm going to try to make as many of the gifts I'm giving this year as I can, partly out of money issues, and partly because it's just so much cooler. Saturday I was out and about picking up odds and ends of yarn, a belt buckle, some cloth, some thread, and a bunch of other cool crafty goodness. I won't be specific about what I'm making, or for who because some of them read the blog, but it's all pretty cool. I'll post some pictures after the holidays.

Kid Flash and I also picked up a tree for his apartment on Saturday night. We picked a very cute little short fat tree. On Sunday his friends came over and we spent the afternoon covering half his apartment in glitter and construction paper scraps as we made ornaments for the tree. It was like slipping back into childhood craft time, and it was great. A bunch of grown people sitting around a table covered in scissors, glue, sequins, glitter, pipe cleaners, and magic markers, arguing over the ribbons, and beads. There were a dozen or more snow flakes, a couple gingerbread men, a snowman or two, the classic construction paper chain, and lots of other cute ornaments generated. I made the topper for the tree, a Hello Kitty style angel. (I figured that was just sacrilegious enough.) Everyone was able to tap into their inner kid and produce some great ornaments. It's amazing how we never really forget how cool glitter glue and pipe cleaners can be, isn't it?

I'll be staying in town for the holidays because I have two shows opening in the week after New Years, so KF's tree will be the one that I'll be seeing the morning of the 25th. I have to say that it will be a cool tree to find my presents under, that's for sure.

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