December 12 of 12

I decided that for this month's 12 of 12 (Based on a project started by Chad Darnell.) that I'd stick to close-up shots.

Morning at my place.

Work begins. I had to do a few last minute draftings for one of the shows that I'm working on.

I also took a second or two to work on some of the side projects that I have going, including this doll that I'm making for a friend for Christmas.

Mid-day snack.

Back to work, this time on a graphic design project that I've been working on.

Another small break to put together a deck for tonight's card game. (I play VS. once a week... yes, I' a geek.)

Out the door for the rest of my day.

This afternoon's project? Finishing up costume measurements for the OTHER show.

I passed this on the street and couldn't pass it up.

My evening snack, while playing cards.

At the game. (By the way... my deck didn't work very well. I got STOMPED.)

Wrapping up the day the way I started it, only with my secondary toothbrush (at Kid Flash's house.)

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