Night Riders

Yesterday I settled in on the A train for my normal afternoon commute. I automatically scanned the car for interesting people to sketch and landed on a young lady across the aisle from me. After a few minutes of observing her I noticed a couple things: first she was not going to be still enough for me to sketch. She was very active, bouncing in conversation between her younger sister and a young man that I assume to be her boyfriend. The second thing I noticed was that she had some seriously bad teeth. They were white, and all in place, but they seemed to be too big and they stuck out at weird angles, to the point of distorting her upper lip a bit. I couldn't help but to continue looking up at her. I wanted to get a good look at what was going on in her mouth. After a few seconds she laughed deeply and opened her mouth really widely. It was then that I saw the source of everything... her canines were HUGE! About that time her boyfriend reacted to the same joke and let out a loud laugh I glanced at him and realized... so were his.

I took a second took a longer look at them. Both dressed entirely in black. Both had silver jewelry on and she was wearing a silver ankh pendent. He had long black fingernails that looked to be filed to a point. She was wearing a deep blood red lipstick. And they had fangs. Serious, dental application fangs, not the cheap plastic ones you get around Halloween. I was sitting across from two vampires.

Other than the teeth, it was subtle. They didn't look overly "goth-y." No heavy eyeliner or white face makeup. They hadn't even dyed their hair deep black. They were just... average run of the mill vampires. Nothing odd about that, right?

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