Holiday Haul

What an AMAZING holiday. I woke up this morning snuggled up close to Kid Flash trying to forget the lack of sleep that I had had. (We'll not discuss the live salsa band that was playing in the alley by his apartment building until nearly 4 a.m....UGH!) KF's friends quickly joined us for a breakfast of scrambled eggs with cheese, mushrooms, and sun dried tomatoes, accompanied by a killer coffee cake that is tradition in KF's family. That was followed by a leisurely day of laying about in our pj's reading children's books and having a great time. We all tried to be very patient as we waited for KF's brother and his boyfriend to arrive so that we could get to the gifts and the actual merriment. In the meantime we listened to Christmas music by Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Muppets and John Denver, and the Cocteau Twins. I introduced everyone to the joy that was the Star Wars Christmas Special and the Star Wars Christmas Album. Around 3 everyone was finally accounted for and we began the present bonanza!

I received 1) The Visible Woman 2) A Tenorikuma tea towel 3) The Visible Man 4) Some Roller Derby posters 5) A Star Wars folder, 6) The Pop-up Book of Sex (uhm... Mark? Can we discuss the reasoning behind giving me a book of heterosexual sexual positions?) 7) Wooden Spoons, 8) The Lives of Shadows 9) I Am Not Myself These Days 10) Some 70% (!!) Dark Chocolate 11) Some "Elves Gone Wild" Christmas cards 12) Four quarts of Duke's Mayonnaise (he learned pretty quick, didn't he?) 13) Rachael Ray's Comfort Foods cook book 14) The Ultimate Head Massager 15) A new Moleskine (you can always use extras) 16) Some Cosmic Glitter Glue (with space debris!) 17) Hong Kong Comics postcards, 18) My Life, by Iris Dement, 19) A bottle of Dijonaisse 20) Some Red Pepper Balsamic Vinegar Sauce 21) A Tenorikuma rolling stamper 22) A super cute plate with pink piggies on it and 23) a drawing pen.

There's also still gifts in the mail somewhere from my mom and sister, and my gift to myself, a new MacBook dual core 2.0 GHz, with 1 GB memory and an 80 GB hard drive, which should be arriving on Thursday. (Yay!! I'll finally be able to see my monitor again! And have enough memory to run CS2!)

All in all a fabulous Holiday. I hope yours was as well.

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