Days of Cool News: Day 3

After the gallery show in December I decided that I'd like to try and self-publish a book version of the show so it could be distributed a bit more widely. It took a lot of research but I chose as the right publisher for me and started working on the book. Then came the hard part. I decided to edit the show a bit, so I chose 99 of the sketches, including 7 that had not been drawn by the time of the show and I started putting the book together. There was a bit of a delay in January when I was overwhelmed by other work, and then in February I kicked the project into full gear and got it done. The process of laying out the book took me about a month, and then the process of uploading it all to Lulu took about a week and a half, since it turned out to be a bit more difficult than I had anticipated. Then I ordered the first proof...

And it's here!! I got home this morning to find the proof copy sitting in my mail box, and after a short perusal, I think it is finally ready for public consumption! So if you are a fan of my subway sketches, please go here, or click the button in the sidebar and head on over to to get your very own copy.

The sketches are presented in chronological order, and at the actual size that they were sketched. There is a also brief introduction, (though there probably isn't much in it that visitors here haven't already read).

I'm really proud of this project, and the results and proud to be able to present it to you!

2 Response to "Days of Cool News: Day 3"

  • Penny Says:

    Cully, mega congratulations, I must see if they ship to Australia, have to think about the conversion rates, never good.
    I think the whole thing has been an interesting trip for you, but I am sure well worth it and I look foreward to seeing it eventually in the bookshops, your work is too good for only a few to know about it.

  • Stejahen Says:

    Sweet, I'll have to buy it next windfall.