What a Whirlwind!

Whew! Following the Sun interview, and the mention on Gothamist, I received a new mention on Moleskinerie, and it's been a race since then! I've been approached by a new gallery, two more newspapers, several individuals inquiring about buying pieces, and a video podcast show that would like to interview me. This is turning into quite the debut for the book, and the funny part is that it's all happening at the same time through nothing more than serendipity. I'm glad I finished up the book in time.

(By the way... I apologize for the exceptional number of exclamation points in my posts in the past few days, it's just been exciting! Ooops. I mean... "exciting.")

3 Response to "What a Whirlwind!"

  • vinnie Says:

    Honey, you use as many exclamation points as you want, you've every right to be excited!

    Good for you!

  • michael sean morris Says:

    Never apologise for exclamation points or question marks. I just discovered the blog through Gothamist and as soon as I can get $20 together I will have that book.

    You rock!!!

  • Eileen Says:

    Hey Cully! I was really excited to see the post about you on Gothamist only a few days after you showed me the book at the studio. Congrats on all the attention you've been getting! Its a great book! Nice working with you! - Eileen