Ladies and Gentleman... the most entertaining thing I saw at Comiccon today... Gay Aquaman! I have no idea who the market for the Tonner Tyler DC Stars Collection is... but just looking at this Aquaman meets Twilight doll made me a little bit gayer. (I really can't wait to see how many google hits I start getting off of "gay Aquaman.")

Comiccon was an enormous success. There were a huge number of people there, I guess news of the recession hasn't reached the nerds yet, and lots of fun geeky stuff to look at and swag to collect. I got a Flash ring from the DC booth, and the newest iteration of Wonder Woman's chest emblem on a button. I think this makes the 4th of those that I have.

On the purchase side I snagged a Blue Lantern tee-shirt, and some patches (I love patches) for Green Lantern, Superman and Xavier's school. Some Koi waterbrushes for sketching, and a few other odd things. I saw lots of upcoming toys to drool over, a Superhero Squad Marvel Girl, which will be a MUST have, but by far the cutest thing I saw were the Brave and the Bold Minifigs. The Aquaman may have to come live with me.

The most unexpected siting were these:

Two 6x6" or so JC Leyendecker studies. (I link to that page just because the image was obviously done for the same company these were. Perhaps it is even the finalized version of these studies, who knows...) If you don't know Leyendecker research him. His work is beautiful, and it was a treat to see these up close. Not something that I would expected to see frankly, in and among the comic book art.

After the Con Kid Flash met me and we went to see James Jean's show at Jonathan Levine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jean's work, and seeing it in person was amazing. If you don't already follow his blog, and check out his sketchbooks, both linked from the site above.

A good day.

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