Eyvind Earl's New York

Eyvind Earl is my favorite artist that you've never heard of. I guarantee that you know have seen his work, and hopefully admired it, but never contemplated what the rest of his body of work might look like. He is most famous for having done the background paintinsg for Disney's Sleeping Beauty. But he has a whole other body of work that is rarely shown or discussed. Recently I came across this image of his, depicting a winter scene in New York City.

Lovely isn't it? As stylized as it is I recognized it immediately. The Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. Here is a photo I took of the area yesterday, trying to capture it as closely to the painting as I could. You can see the familiar outline of the Plaza Hotel in the painting, but it is a bit too far over in real life. He also seems to have reversed the direction of the creek, for aesthetic reasons I'm sure. I love trying to see some inspiration as the artist would have seen it though.
I'll tell you a little secret... I was in the area because the final point in one of my puzzle geocaches is close by. Shh!

2 Response to "Eyvind Earl's New York"

  • Bacmac Says:

    Hi, Childofatom! My family and I finished up the Bridges and Arches series recently, too.

    I received this card for Christmas & sent it to Brett, who then pointed me to your blog.

    We very much enjoyed seeing Central Park "up close and personal".

    I alos hope to get to MOMA soon to see the original of this print (drawing?).

  • Anthony Buccieri Says:

    Eyvind Earle is in my top 5 artists
    for sure
    I have the serigraph Fog draped hills and just got his book on the 2nd half of his life as an artist / publisher
    He was an amazing man with many tallents