Who Am I?

I'm rereading an old book series and I pulled out the next one this evening. Tucked inside was a receipt from March 13, 2002 from KB Toys for two "Ninja Hamsters." What the hell was a Ninja Hamster and when did I own one of them, much less two?!

2 Response to "Who Am I?"

  • Nita Says:

    What? You don't remember this? (description from iwantoneofthose.com:

    At a squeeze of its paw this demented ninja rodent leaps into a questionable version of "Kung Fu Fighting" and twirls his nun chukka in an entirely un-threatening way. He doesn't do anything else much, but somehow he just cracks people up, and you'll play with it constantly - or until someone with taste comes along and throws it out of the window.

  • addisonbr Says:

    Is it anything like Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters? I had that comic. I think I sold it back to my boss for like $50 before the indie comic bubble burst...