Meme Day!

Since yesterday was 12 of 12 I am skipping Photo Phriday this week. Instead, let's have Meme Day!

Via Vinnie:
A. Go to Google
B. Type your name and the words "likes to" all in quotation marks… re: "Cully likes to"
C. Report back on the first ten things that come up for your name. (I only have 7, but frankly I'm surprised that many came up since I have an unusual name.)

1. Cully likes to be quiet and focus on what he has to do.
2. Cully likes to eat lizard legs.
3. Cully likes to read. (Links to a PDF, so I'm not linking it here.)
4. Cully likes to play peek-a-boo.
5. Cully likes to run with balls. And scissors.
6. Cully likes to be around other people.
7. Cully likes to complete your SB. (Which is short for "small blind," a Poker term I guess.)

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