12 of 12: March

Time to take a little break from Derby Week for my monthly participation in Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 project. The concept is simple, 12 photos, on the 12th to document your day. See the other participants by going here. I sometimes make things a bit more interesting for myself by assigning a theme to my photos, which I did this month as you'll see, let's get started!

My favorite boots, awaiting me as I get ready to head out for the day. I decided after taking this shot that I would do the whole day from the perspective of my boots. Basically at intervals through the day I just put the camera on the floor beside me, or the ground, and let it snap off a pic or two.

My hallway on the way downstairs. This building was built just after the turn of the century as an Irish tenement.

My subway platform, waiting for my morning ride.

A few hours later, at work. My desk is through that door on the right, where the grey recycling bin is.

The grocery store where I bought lunch today. They have a great hot food deli section and do a meat entree and two veggies for $7.95.

After work I head uptown to meet Mark....

where we go to see August of Osage County at the Music Box Theatre. Good show, a bit oddly acted in places and reaaallly long (a bit over 3 hours) but an enjoyable evening of theatre.

During the second intermission. I was in the mezz of course, but you can still catch a glimpse of the great 3 story set for the show.

After the show we made a brief turn through Times Square.

I accompanied Mark to his place so that we could trade comic books (no need for us to buy the same books twice just because we don't live together anymore.) After that I took a quick bus ride the rest of the way home.

A brief stop off at the local deli to get my favorite late night snack, a grilled cheese with tomato and some chocolate milk.

And then around the corner to my building to wrap up my day.

And that's it! See you all next month!

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