This weekend, in the middle of everything else that is happening at the moment I spent a morning and a chunk of the afternoon running around geocaching. Not really surprising, right? Except this time I was being video taped and interviewed about my experiences by two students from the Columbia University School of Journalism. It was an interesting afternoon, watching three complete newbies, (the journalists, plus a friend I had invited along) experience the concept of all of these little packages and treasures hidden all over the city. We found three caches, including one that was approved by the admin while we were out in the field, and placed one. A pretty thorough examination of the sport. The students are writing it up and editing the video now. It should post in a bout two weeks, right around my birthday. We'll see how they edit it all together, and what they make of it. I'll post it here as soon as I see it of course.

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