Can I bitch for a few minutes? Of course I can it's my blog after all.

My glasses broke last week. My $500 Sarah Palin look-a-like most expensive glasses I've ever owned broke. They broke in a way that can't be repaired (the wire that holds the nosepiece on the right snapped.) So I am left with the only possible options of going and buying a new pair or continuing to wear a pair that hurts my nose. Guess which one I picked?

Here's where the rant really starts... I'm kinda broke at the moment, I mean, not in trouble or anything, but with my job ending soon I sort of need to watch pennies a little closer, so I went to Lenscrafters to order a new pair of glasses. They have my prescription on file from when I bought sunglasses earlier this year, so it should have been a quick easy in and out. Now, I can walk into any mall in just about any city in the United States, order a pair of glasses, go see a movie, and then pick up my spanking new lenses and head home. In NYC due to space limitations and whatnot it isn't feasible for every Lenscrafters location to have their own lab, so that becomes less of a possibility. I picked a pair of frames that I liked and was told that it would be 2 to 3 weeks because they were rimless, and for some stupifying reason that takes longer. I passed them up, mainly because my glasses were digging into my face and I wanted to fix that. So I picked another pair of frames, this time with rims, and was told that they would be ready in 2 days. Not exactly the hour turn around I would have gotten in Dubuque, but acceptable I suppose.

Today is day 11. They called me today to tell me that I could picke them up. So I'm left with glasses that I only kinda like, a red mark on the right side of my nose, and a totally unapologetic sales staff, all because the stupid prices for retail floor space in New York mean that no one can afford to have a lab here. Some days I HATE my city.

Okay, sorry.


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