Cooking with Soup

Kid Flash has a minor collection of cookbooks. Most of them are the things you'd expect to find in a vegetarian kitchen, Moosewood, and Mollie Katzen and the like, but he does have a few gems like "Favorite Recipes of Home Economics Teachers." My favorite by far though is "Campbell's Cooking With Soup."

I'm not sure when it was first published but the copy we have is the 11th printing(!) and was it "Revised" in 1972. It includes over 600 recipes using Campbell's soups. Most of them are pretty much what you'd expect: Stroganoff where the main ingredient is cream of mushroom soup, spaghetti sauce made from tomato soup, that sort of thing. I will also say that "stir now and then" has quickly become my favorite recipe direction ever.

Then there are the real horror stories like the Meat-shell Pie or the Chili Liver. And don't even GET me started on the gelatins and aspics. I will never understand what people in the 50's and 60's saw in meat jell-o.

You can also find some true gems like "Mock Sukiyaki" and "Oyster a la Queen." But the true jaw dropper of the book though doesn't come until the end and the chapter entitled "Soup On The Rocks." The very idea of these turns my stomach. Can you imagine a cocktail party where one of these things was handed to you?

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