Political Sidebar

I haven't posted a lot here about my personal political views but I am so enraged this morning that I can't stop myself.

Our esteemed President gave a speech this morning (actually is STILL giving at this point) regarding his new choice for the Supreme Court, New Orleans, and the Patriot Act.

Three things that he has been DEAD WRONG about.

The place where his true colors shone through the clearest though was the section of his speech dealing with the gas shortages, and high prices following Katrina. His solution to keep gas prices lower in the future and to aid us in any future crisis? MORE REFINERIES. We need to build more refineries so that if a handful of them are affected by something catastrophic in the future it won't impact the country so directly.

More refineries. Not a mandate to pursue hydrogen fuels, not tax rebates for people who buy hybrids, not even a simple call for further research into alternatives, but more refineries.

Is it clear to everyone yet?

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