Further Proof

I often tell people that reality breaks down around me, that coincidence is too strong a factor in my life and that connections get made in my life that don't get made for other people. Today I have another in a string of examples.

I know three people who live in Las Vegas. One is a stage manager who I met almost 6 years ago working in NC. The other two are a married couple, a director, and a musical director. When my friend Alison moved there a few weeks ago I told her that I'd try to introduce her to my friend the stage manager. (She already knew the other two because we all worked together last summer.) Last night I emailed my friend and gave her a little information about Alison and tried to nudge them a bit closer towards meeting. Today I get the following text message from Alison: "You know my light board op's wife. Small fucking world."

All I can say is... yes, smaller for me than for some it seems.

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