One Week

Today marks one week until I leave the forest for the last (?) time and return to my life in the city. I'm SERIOUSLY looking forward to it in case none of you could tell. Life here has been good, and I've done some good work while I was here this year but I lost some serious momentum when the TD who had been here for most of the season left. The last two shows frustrated me just a touch because the set should be massive but with my extremely limited stage space I wasn't able to achieve that. Maybe in the end that was okay since both shows are about family relations and the stresses of family relations so having them (literally) on top of each other might be an appropriate statement, who knows.

The end of the season means that the resident company, the group of younger actors who formed the chorus for the musicals, are gone. The theatre is empty. There's no one at lunch or dinner. Things are much like they were in the first week when no one was here but technicians. That also means that there is no one here to wait tables or work at the cabaret, (the post show song and dance presentation in the bar at the theatre). So, tonight I have my first shift waiting tables in the cabaret. I've worked in the kitchen of the cabaret before, but never waiting tables. I'm sort of looking forward to it. I haven't waited tables in quite a while. Plus I hope to make enough money to pay for my rental car trip home!

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