Almost Like Being In Love: A REVIEW

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Sometimes I just feel like reading something fluffy, and sometimes I just feel like reading something with gay protagonists (do you know how tired I get of reading about straight romances? I mean... really... I can sympathize only SO much). And sometimes I just feel like reading both. That quest led me here. After reading the back of the book (A high school jock and nerd fall in love senior year...) I was expecting a light romp without much substance and maybe a few salacious chapters to make me blush on the subway. What I got was a great romantic comedy that had me alternatively laughing and crying (I hate crying when I read on the subway).

The story is told through diary excerpts, inter-office memos, emails, lists, court transcripts and more. It really gets moving in chapter two when the plot jumps forward 20 years to find the two boys both living happy lives on separate coasts, until one of them decides to change all that. The result is comparable to "Forget Paris" or "My Best Friend's Wedding" and the best of cinematic romantic comedy.

If you've ever wondered what happened to your first true love, or if you ever had a first true love, then this is the book for you. If you've ever travelled even a few hours to show up on the doorstep of your first true love (which I have and don't really recommend unless you ARE a character in a book) then this book is REALLY for you.

Now my biggest problem is that the book that was supposed to last me through my train ride to Connecticut (to work on the opera) has in actuality lasted me less than two days and has left me bookless for my journey. The good news is that I have a new favorite book to re-read whenever I'm feeling depressed or lonely.

I loved it so much in fact that I just ordered it for BFE Michelle, and though he doesn't know it yet Mark will be reading it this week. (Let's see how a straight guy feels about being on the other side of my romance coin! Ha!)

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