Subway Sketches Part LXXXIX: The Return!

7 Response to "Subway Sketches Part LXXXIX: The Return!"

  • Mark Says:

    Are you that hard up that your first subway picture back is of somebody's crotch?

  • Linda Says:

    Second try on a comment -- I'll just say "glad you're back!"

  • Jana Bouc Says:

    Hi Cully, It's nice to meet you via your blog. I am inspired by this first of your subway sketches I've seen. I really like the close in view and your wonderful linework. I can't wait to see more. I lived in NYC for one year and loved it. I will enjoy seeing it again vicariously through your eyes and will be watching your blog for more! Your blog design looks really nice--very easy on the eyes.

  • Jana Bouc Says:

    Me again...I just watched your whole slide show on Flickr and I'm blown away. I also draw people on the S.F. version of the subway so was very interested to see yours. I'm curious about your pen--you seem to be able to get nice strong lines and lighter/finer ones--do you mainly use one kind and if so, could you tell me what it is? Thanks so much, Jana;

  • Cully Says:

    Jana, I use a regular old ink pen, specifically I prefer the "Wright Bros" model from Papermate. 98% of these sketches are done with that type of pen. It has a slightly sticky ink so a light touch gets a light line, etc.

    Thanks for your compliments. Do you post your transit sketches anywhere?

  • Jana Bouc Says:

    Hmm, I couldn't find a listing for such a pen anywhere. Is it a fountain pen or a ballpoint? The color of the paper makes me think you're drawing in Moleskine. Is that true? I have a Moleskine sketchbook but fountain pen ink especially kind of beads up on it, so it tends to smear a bit.

    I do post mine--pick "Subway Drawings" from the category list at But keep in mind that while viewing your drawings is like a five star dinner--mine are more like a nice burger at a diner.

  • andrea joseph's sketchblog Says:

    Ah Cully this is brilliant. How on earth do you do this on a moving train?? Hands are difficult enought to draw while sat still!