Growing Pains

You may have noticed that I've changed templates... well... Blogger changed so I had to as well. Blogger was recently purchased by Google and implemented some nifty new features that I wanted to take advantage of. (Mainly the subject labels) In order to do that I had to change to one of their new templates. The result has been a bit rocky and I apologize for any weirdness you may have experienced. First the flash based flickr badge no longer works, so I had to switch to the far less cool html one that now graces my sidebar. Then I freaked out because my hit counter dropped to almost zero for the last two days until I realized that switching templates stripped out the code for the counter. Today I was looking at some old posts and discovered that one of the new features (backtracking–which shows you if anyone has linked to a specific post) works fine for the current posts but causes the old posts to splash up an html warning, (at least in Safari, the browser I use). If there are any other bugs that I'm not seeing in some other browser please let me know so I can work it out for all our sakes! In the coming days I'll be doing some more site maintenance shifting the stock html of the template into something a nit more... me.

2 Response to "Growing Pains"

  • Anonymous Says:

    These are amazing drawings. Can I ask what kind of pen and sketchbook you use? Also are there any other examples of your work on the web?

  • Cully Says:

    Thanks Anonymous! I draw in a Moleskine sketchbook with a ballpoint pen. Specifically the "Wright Bros." model from Papermate.

    This is the only example of my stuff up at the moment. I'm working on a portfolio website though, so check back for more work!