Losing Work

One of the worst things that happens to me as a freelancer is that I occasionally lose work because I already have work. That was the situation today. A theatre that I have worked for quite a bit in the past called me to check my availability. They usually have their schedule down to within an inch of its life so I was expecting that the work would be for October or November, but today that wasn't the case. They need a design for a show that went into rehearsal... yesterday! Since I am out of town for the next 6 days they regrettably said that they would probably have to look elsewhere, but that they would look at the schedule and see if it would be possible. I extended the only solution that I have, which would be for me to take a train back to the city on Saturday to meet with the director, since I have Sunday off here. It remains to be seen if that will happen. The frustration of knowing that there is a job going undone (by me at least), because I am already working elsewhere is killing me!

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