Cache in the City

Yesterday afternoon on the way to my weekly VS. card game I decided to swing by a public plaza in the area and check out a geocache, I looked for one earlier this week in a park near my neighborhood but couldn't find it. This one though was in a city street area rather than a wooded area. The truth is I didn't even need my GPS unit, which might be "cheating" but I figured it would attract more attention seeing me stumbling around looking at a bright yellow hand held device than it would for me to just look at the map and figure out where I was headed. To be in the public and a highly visible area it was pretty ingeniously hidden tucked behind a metal post and held up with magnets. The plaza itself was tucked between a couple buildings, one of those great NYC places that you'd only ever really know about if you lived or worked in the neighborhood and looked in just the right direction as you walked by.

I'm surprised by how many caches there are in Manhattan really. Several dozen, and most of them hidden in very public areas, not in the parks or the few wild areas as I expected. It's a different style of geocaching than what I was doing this summer, but fun in its own way. It's weird sometimes to think of all the things in the city, in the world really, that you might walk by every day and be completely unaware of because you just didn't know where to look.

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