At The Gallery: Day 1 THE PHOTOS!

The Exterior of the gallery space.

This is the food co-op that shares the performance space during the day. All this gets cleared up and packed away every night. They sell organic and locally grown produce and food related stuff. They had some great prices too!

At the end of the gallery is the stage for the concerts and performances that they do. That's the wall of the gallery with the mounts hanging, waiting for artwork!

The mounts being assembled. It's a very simple mount, just a stack of foam core with a matte board top. The sketches will get clipped into place with binder clips.

Eric and Jessica the curators hanging the mounts on the opposing wall.

The art begins to go up! It's exciting to see it all in place!

Jessica and I finish up the final wall. The whole hang was a small comedy of errors. Miscounting pieces, cutting pieces only to discover that we needed them back in to fill the space, etc. and because the show is hung in chronological order adding or subtracting a piece means that all 115 pieces of paper have to move down the line. >SIGH< It was a long night!

As of 11:30 p.m. all of the pieces are in the space. Tomorrow I retrieve the enlargements from the printers and then they'll get hung, and that's the show!

Meeting the various members of the organization today was interesting. Everyone I met was very young, 25 to 35 at most and a little on the "granola" side. There were lots of dreadlocks about and people wandering through the coffee shop with laptops. Certainly a far cry from the uptight mega-church that I had been imagining. It's quite a relief. During the hang tonight I was talking about who was coming and when I said "my boyfriend" none of them even glanced at me. My nerves about this part of it all at least are smaller.

Tomorrow I make the title cards, hang the blow-ups, arrange the tables for the opening, meet with the DJ about music... it'll be another long day probably!

9 Response to "At The Gallery: Day 1 THE PHOTOS!"

  • Jessica Says:

    Cully, the show is looking great. I can't wait to see the enlargements tomorrow. Thank you for being here, we are really looking forward to your show.

    Actually, the organic co-op is only twice a week- Wednesdays and Saturdays. In many ways it would be great to have it every day (you're right about the "granola" observation) but I'm grateful it's only twice a week.

    I hope your nerves dispel a bit more, though I understand. We're not an uptight group and are really glad you're here. Your work is beautiful and your show is going to be great. Don't worry about being charming, you already are anyway, but your work speaks for itself.

  • Renate Says:

    Great looking show Cully! I hope we will see pictures of the opening too. Wish you much success!

  • Penny Says:

    Its almost like being there. I do hope it is a huge success. If I lived closer and had some American dollars I would love one,but sigh, Oz is a bit far away.
    Dont panic!

  • Zee Says:

    Cully!!! Congrats! How I wish I could be there for your opening reception! I'm so excited and happy for you...

    You presentation is 'fabuloso'. Kudos!

    May it all go smoothly and may you enjoy in all of it. I know it will be a huge success. :)


  • Felicity Says:

    It looks wonderful Cully and many congratulations! I'm sure it will be a great success, I would love to have been able to see it!

  • Vinnie Says:

    I wish I could be there to suport you, but it seems you have a lot of that already.

    I'm very excited and proud of you. what a great experience for you.

    I hope that the show is everything you wish it to be, I'm sure it's going to be a great success.


  • SCquiltaddict Says:

    Sooo cool I know you are tickled to death!! Congrats!

  • andrea joseph's sketchblog Says:

    Cully, it's looking really great. I love the way you've mounted and displayed the pictures - I now understand the 'rotating' system better. Good luck, although I'm sure you don't need it. Your work is brilliant.

  • Ari-Asha Says:

    I'm one of the EDMers--I like that you made the blog like being there!

    As a big ol'dyke-I've never had a problem in TX, and I've been there quite often for work, and OUT, OUT, OUT!

    Hope the show ROCKS!