Yankee Foods

I understand the concept of regional brands (hence the reason I have to have Duke's Mayonnaise shipped to me) but why is it that I simply CANNOT find certain foods north of the Mason Dixon? I've encountered this problem before... farmers who had no idea why I'd want to buy green tomatoes from their farm stand... no okra in the produce section... no self-rising corn meal... no pimento cheese... for some reason when I was living in Connecticut I couldn't locate walnuts packed in syrup, which is my favorite ice cream topping.

Today's quest? Dill pickle relish. There was sweet relish galore. Something called India Relish (which I assume is another form of sweet relish since the second ingredient was corn syrup) and Hot Dog Relish (some bizarre concoction of relish and mustard it seems). But after checking three stores no one has dill relish? Can some yankee explain to me why this might be?

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