Getting Ready part 2

In preparation for the gallery show I spent the evening removing the pages from my sketchbooks. My poor drawings look so naked and exposed without their covers. This is going to be an interesting show. The gallery sent me the layout for the walls today so I can now clearly see how the show will be put together and what it's all going to look like. I've had a lot of comments requesting that I post photos from the show. Not to worry, I'll keep you guys heavily updated!

7 Response to "Getting Ready part 2"

  • Renate Says:

    Outch! But the drawings are beautiful, even as singles!
    Wish you much visitors at the show! I'm to far away ...h

  • Linda Says:

    Yikes! I bet that was painful. But I'm sure your show will be a great success, and it is an exciting prospect! Besides, when you decide to publish it all in a book they will probably want you to cut it all up anyway. But what about the drawings that are on the BACK of the pages that are being shown????

    Wish I could be there to see the exhibit.

  • suzanne Says:

    Ahhhhh. This hurts me too! Lots of luck with the show.

  • sharon Says:

    Care to share how all this came about in the first place? And, are you allowed to say what the cost of one of your drawings will be? ~Sharon

  • Cully Says:

    Sharon- The gallery manager found my work through a posting that I made on a message board. She followed it back here, saw the whole body of work and invited me to submit to her gallery for a show. Almost 9 months later, here we are!

    The prices range from $50 to $200 depending on the piece. If you are interested in something email me with the title (the info written on each piece ie: A 2:30 1-15 and maybe we can work something out!).

  • Stejahen Says:

    Wow, that must be hard to do! So I'm guessing you didn't draw on the backs of the pages?

    I'll probably swing by there sometime in late december, won't be there for the opening though.

  • Cully Says:

    Actually they are drawn on both sides. I never thought anyone would want to show them! The show is going to be "rotated" periodically so that both sides get shown.