Ex-Files: Casefile 008

Catagory: Boyfriend, April 1995 to August 1995
Met: Cast party for "Twelfth Night," AASU
"L" Word: Yes
Age Differential: He-21, Me-23
Signifigance: First "disappearing boyfriend"
Nickname: Puppy
Reason for Break-up: Disappearance

History: Ex 008 and I met at a cast party for a show that BFE Michelle dragged me to. At that particular time 008 was not yet out and so it took a little work that night for me to figure out what was going on. The party was being held in the banquet room of the hotel where Michelle was working at the time. After a long evening of drinking and playing "I Never" (which is great for trying to figure out things about potential dates, by the way), the party broke up and Michelle and I stayed around to do some clean-up. 008 stayed behind as well and the flirting continued until nearly dawn. It was just a few days until 008 and I were dating, and I had seen "Twelfth Night" three more times. We dated for about four months, fairly uneventfully. He and I fell into an interesting routine because I was working third shift, and he was in class. He'd come to my apartment at the end of his day, usually 7 or 8 p.m. and wake me. We'd fool around, or go out briefly until I had to leave for work at 11. He'd usually sleep in my bed while I worked. At 7 a.m. I'd come home and wake him for his classes, we'd have breakfast together and then I'd go to bed. Our relationship was good, but quiet. Towards the end though circumstances stacked up and problems arose. 008 was on the verge of graduating, and unsure of what he was doing afterwards, I was in the middle of a big life shift myself, about to start art school, and moving in with Michelle for the first time. During all this 008 disappeared. For three weeks he stopped returning calls, and even ignored notes left on his car outside the rehearsals of his current show. This is a pattern that would return quite a bit in my life, several later boyfriends would pull similar disappearing acts. After three weeks of absence he showed up on my doorstep teary eyed and apologetic but in the end we decided that the relationship wasn't worth saving. It was one of the most amicable breakups I've ever had.

Current Status:Unknown. After graduation he had decided to attend grad school at the University of Arizona. Google doesn't turn up anything relevant, nor does Friendster or MySpace.

4 Response to "Ex-Files: Casefile 008"

  • andrea joseph's sketchblog Says:

    I'm sorry but I found this very funny then realised that I was laughing at your break-up and felt bad. I didn't realise you had a blog, I've only ever seen your work on Flickr - but I'm glad I found it. I'll put your link on my blogroll if that's okay with you? Loving your work.

  • Cully Says:

    Oh, laugh away Andrea. There's been enough time and distance on any of these that it doesn't matter much anymore. If it didn't I should hope I wouldn't treat it so cavalierly myself! And please, feel free to link me.

  • michelle Says:

    WAIT A MINUTE...you were only 23? jesus! when did we get so damn old and how many years did you and i actually live together?!

  • Cully Says:

    We lived together nearly 10 years (minus the time you were in Little Rock, and minus the time that you worked at the Self and I lived with Mark).