November 12 of 12

It's been a couple months since I participated in Chad Darnell's 12 of 12 Project. I almost didn't get in today since I hadn't paid attention to the calendar. I stayed over at Kid Flash's apartment last night so without my camera with me I missed the opportunity for taking shots of the great pancakes we made (In the mood for pancakes? I recommend this recipe. YUM!), my emergency run out for syrup and coffee, and maybe a few other shots. Once I got home and realized the date I broke out the camera and got started, but I felt behind the curve all day, and worried that I wouldn't get 12 shots.

Technically this shot has nothing to with today, but like I said I was feeling behind the curve. I found both of these things on the street this week. In case you can't tell that is a rather large bolt of burlap, and a cluster of 6' tall white willow reeds. Both were very serendipitous finds, and both will end up onstage in the next set that I'm doing. That burlap, by the way, was one of 6(!) bolts that size that were on a street corner just a few blocks from me. What does an urban dweller need with that much burlap? And why would they throw that much away?

The first order of business today was to head out to the theatre where I designed my last set and to help strike it. (Tear it down.) So I packed my drill and headed out. Of course it was pouring rain.

The subway station was totally empty, which for 2pm on a Sunday is sort of odd.

Strike in progress, that's Libby and Katherine up front disassembling the giant refrigerator that dominated the set.

At strike we were treated to these munchies: bagels with soy cream cheese, whole wheat pretzels, veggies with cheese sauce and italian dressing and fresh fruit. These were left overs from a kid's birthday party that the theatre had hosted following the last performance of the show. This kid was 5 years old. His parents served SOY CREAM CHEESE at his birthday, there was nary a cake or cookie to be seen. Where the hell am I living?!?

The party also had some balloons left over, so I swiped a couple to take to Kid Flash. Yesterday walking in Central Park he had remarked several times how jealous he was of the little kids with balloons. (How romantic am I?)

My dinner, grilled cheese and tomato soup.

Kid Flash has even scarier murals in his apartment building than I do. Seriously, what landlord thinks these things add value to their buildings or enjoyment to their tenants lives?

The first ever photograph that features both Kid Flash and I.

Buying the airline tickets to Houston for my gallery show at the end of the month. Kid Flash is meeting me there later in the week so we were buying tickets for him as well. That means that BFE Michelle, Kid Flash, my mom, one of my friends from art school, and possibly Mark are all flying in for the opening. I feel very loved.

The balloons were a big hit with the cat (Kid Flash too).

Bed time... for the first time I am having an allergic reaction to the cat, good thing I packed some Benadryl in my bag just in case this happened.

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