9 to 5 Hazards

All in all, I have to say that I've been pretty happy with my new 9 to 5 situation. I have health insurance, I can break my arm and not worry now. I was paid for the 2 weeks we had off around the Christmas holidays. I have a steady flow of income that still allows me to take off the occasional day here and there to do other projects. They don't seem to mind that I usually show up about 9:30 for my 9:00 work time. Life is good.

But I have no freedom.

Kid Flash is currently out of school, which has been awesome, and he is interested in taking a small trip to somewhere like DC or Boston or something before the new semester begins. In years past I would have thrown together a bag and been at his doorstep panting, ready to go. But I can't. I have to consider my job. I have to consider the fact that I had Dec 22, to Jan 3 off with pay, for no other reason than my boss is a good guy. I have to consider that I took two days off back around the 15th to go to Orlando for a job unrelated to this one, and that I'll likely need to take a day at least off in early Feb for another unrelated job. I could potentially leave early on Friday and it not be a big deal, but the trip would still be sort of truncated and stunted. So I'm left to consider my possibilities, and they look bleak. Is this what being grown up means?

3 Response to "9 to 5 Hazards"

  • Nita Says:

    Sponteneity vs security. One-night stands vs commitment. Instant gratification vs planned rewards.

    Which one is worth losing for the possession of the other?

  • Ajo Says:

    Oh, Nita, good comment! Maybe it's not so much 'growing up' but a matter of choices -- and defining 'freedom'.

    On the practical front, although a week in Boston or WDC might be the most fun, a weekend could still leave you refreshed/exhausted and with a great sense of having run away for a few days. Different, but still good.

  • Anonymous Says:

    DC, Philly, New Brunswick NJ, Hudson NY, all close. Leave early on Friday, come back on Monday AM, You might not like the 6A train, but it won't hurt.

    Work late the week before so that you have made up any missed time before you leave. for most, 4-10 hours would be the same as 5-8 hours days. As long as no deadlines are missed.