2007: By the Numbers

Unique viewers to this site. (Up from 17895 in 2006, 9053 in 2005)

Approximate number of comics bought, based on a weekly average of 10 books. (Up 2 books a week from last year's 580, which was up from 2005's 416)
Amount in dollars of the salary for my lowest paid design gig. (Up from $100 in 2006, and $150 in 2005. Maybe I'm finally getting somewhere!)

Blog Posts. (Down Drastically from 252 in 2006, and 241 in 2005)
Number of superhero sketch cards drawn for the DC Legacy set.
Approximate percentage that my yearly income increased from last year's numbers. (I guess 9 to 5 has it's merits, huh?)
Geocahes found. (WAY up from 10 in 2006, none in 2005)
Approximate number of books read. (Up from 24 in 2006, but still down from 2005's 40)
Approximate number of days spent outside New York State. (Up from 21 in 2006, and 24 in 2005)
Subway Sketches posted. (Down from 83 in 2006, and 80 in 2005. This is the statistic I'm most ashamed of. We have to fix this one!!)
Movies seen. (Down from 27 in both 2005 and 2006.)
Number of months to date in my longest relationship of the year. (Looks like this one's gonna stick!)
12 of 12 months completed
Shows designed. (Down from 17 in 2006, and 24 in 2005 but I'm not really counting anything that I've done at my new job which has taken up most of my time since April.)
Roller derby bout attended. (Up 5 from 2006)
States Visited. (Up 5)
Plane trips taken. (Up 2 from last year, a 3 from 2005)

Number of degrees I currently am from Dolly Parton. (Steady from last year despite my roommate having been within inches of her during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.)
Cans of green tomatoes put up.
Geocaches placed.
Family members seen. (Steady with last year, still down from 7 in 2005)
Roller derby bout posters drawn.
Broadway shows seen. (Down 5 from 2006's 7, and 2005's 11)
Number of iPod Touches purchased. (To replace my lost one...)
Number of cats added to my household.
Number of tattoos added to my body.
Other countries visited.
Books published. (Buy it in the sidebar!)
NY burroughs worked in. (2 in 2006, 3 in 2005)

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