My Pledge To You

In reading my RSS feeds this morning I found 8 (8!) separate blogs that were posting what amounted to apologies for their lackluster performance this year. So... in the end I was in good company I guess. I won't apologize, I'll just say: It was my fault. I know it, I'll be better. So to that end I bring you:

Every Date in '08!

That's right. I'm instituting a plan to post every single day in 2008! Whether it is a sketch, a review, or just me whining about nothing in particular I pledge to you a new post on this page every day in 2008. I have two new projects in mind to try and round things out a bit around here, as well as a return to subway sketching, which I have been longing to get back to. So there it is... I've said it out loud! Happy New Year, and let's get started!

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