Bronx Skater

A little piece of roller derby artwork that I created a few weeks back. As part of their "end of season" celebration the league president, who was stepping down after three seasons, and the new head of creative asked me to create a poster that could be handed out to all of the players as a wrap-up/thank-you gift.

I did a poster of iconic versions of the four teams, shot from above, looking up into the camera. Then I composited the 4 images into one poster. Here is the Bronx Gridlock player. I'll share the other three in the weeks to come.

I'm pretty proud of this one really. Good art, good coloring. Accomplishes everything I wanted it to. Yep. Proud.

My favorite compliment was when one of the players said they liked that I could make the girls look strong and sexy without making them look slutty.

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