Evolution of a Logo

The Gotham Girls Roller Derby Jeerleaders are a tireless bunch who do an amazing amount to support the players, so a month or two back when they contacted me and requested that I redesign their logo I was very happy to do so. Artwork has proven to be my best contribution to the derby league to date, plus they were looking for something in the style of a vintage tattoo, which is a style I like but have never worked in, so it gave me a challenge.

My initial round of sketches looked like this:
They liked the top right best. I liked the top left. I turned out that what they liked best was the circle, because it echoed the actual GGRD logo the best, so I went back to do another round of sketches, hoping to convince them of my choice.

Combining the circle with my favorite body position, as well as a few variations based on requests that they had made produced these sketches:

After that we were all in agreement, my body shape and position, with the circle. So I tightened up the sketches a bit and started looking at text treatments. There was also the question of the clothing, the one on the left being my fantasy version, and the one on the right being their actual uniform, with Chucks and fishnets.

It was agreed that the fishnets were the way to go so we moved on to looking at color and the text. GGRD uses the stencil font as their font of choice, but I wanted to try a tattoo lettering style font to see how that worked.

The tattoo lettering won the day, and after a few more minor alterations we arrived at the final version of their new logo:

The girls wasted no time in getting it disseminated either, it is already up on their webpage, and for sale on t-shirts!

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