How It Went

How today was supposed to go: A quick drive up to the Ivoryton Playhouse to meet about the production of Steel Magnolias I am designing for them, then a leisurely drive back, doing a bit of geocaching along the way.

What was ACTUALLY involved: A missed road that sent me 40 miles out of the way and put me over the mileage limit on my ZipCar, meaning that I'll have to pay extra. A traffic jam that compounded the lost time from the bad turn and put me at my meeting 20 minutes late. A torrential downpour that only seemed to worsen every time I pulled over in the vicinity of a cache. ANOTHER missed road that dumped me into horrid Cross Bronx Expressway traffic as opposed to the much more leisurely and less used Hutchison River Parkway. It wasn' a pleasant day to be me.

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