Thought you might like a little look at the show that I've been working on for the past few weeks. It wasn't enormously reliant on my crafty side since I only got to make one costume piece. This was a modern play so it was all about shopping, and finding the correct pieces to streamline the design. Even with purchased clothes, it's all about tracking down just the right shirt, in just that shade of brown... the things that make a color story over the course of the show. Fr instance in this particular show my idea was that everyone would start in very clean, springy, pastels, and as the show progressed the color would drain away and be replaced with greys, browns, blacks... everyone would be dark and drab by the end.

The one piece I got to make was this fast food uniform top. The character works at the "Burger Barn." It was fun tracking down the worst, gnarliest polyester possible and then crafting it into a fast food inspired, low rent western shirt.

The show is getting... well... not so great reviews, but it was an enormous amount of fun to work on. The cast was great as well, though there were some challenges, like trying to figure how to clothe a size 00, 4'9" woman in lawyerly power suits.

I'm costuming a few shows at the children's theatre where I frequently work this year, and I'm looking forward to that. I usually get to sew a lot more for those productions, and create much more creative pieces.

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