Ex-Files: Casefile 005

File: 005
Category: Dating
Met: CCC, Spartanburg, SC
"L" Word: No
Age Differential: He-22, Me-19
Significance: Slight
Reason for Break-up: Casual relationship, ended in friendship

History: Ex 005 was not a true "boyfriend," he and I had a lengthy flirtation and romance that ended up not going very far. I do, however, credit him with a lot in my learning curve of relationships. 005 and I were frequent customers at the only gay bar in Spartanburg, SC (at the time), and we spent nearly two years orbiting each other, flirting, occasionally dating and casually connecting. We spent one summer as a "couple" but were never serious about being together. 005 was the first relationship I had ever been in were I was not intent on being "in love" or making a permanent commitment of some sort. 005 taught me how to loosen up about relationship matters, and relax into "dating."

Current Status: Unknown. No social networking site turns up any information.

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