About That Ad

So... the ad that I posted last week. It is actually an ad for a comic book event. Marvel comics is currently running an alien invasion storyline through almost all of their books. The aliens are claiming that they are coming in to save us from ourselves, to help us fix the environment, and to end war, etc. etc. There is a small contingent of humans who are willing to "Embrace Change" and allow the aliens to take over. Now... of course there is no explanation of that in the ad. Barely even any mention of what company is responsible for the ad (you have to look quickly) and to me it just leaves the viewer wondering what the hell the ad was for! I think Marve wants this to work like a viral campaign on the web, but the problem with that is that they are running these ads mainly on ESPN and while I can see a viral ad on the web getting clicks and attention, I don't seem many people running from the game to look up the website from this ad, you know?

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