I haven't had access to cable tv since I moved. In some ways it's been liberating, I didn't get sucked into some poor summer replacement series, I haven't been watching crappy reruns for lack of anything else to do. But I have missed TV. I started watching several new series on DVD (via Netflix) Weeds, Brothers & Sisters, a few others, but what I've really been sucked into is foreign versions of familiar US shows that I like. I've now watched both seasons of the UK version of The Mole. The Canadian, Australian, and Philipines versions of Project Runway, Survivor UK and Australia. And there's so much more... UK versions of Top Model, and Make Me A Supermodel, as well as Australian versions of both, Amazing Race Asia (not sure that one is in English), so on and so on and so on. The great joy of the internet is that all this stuff is available out there now, and ready to be watched. I've always been the sort of person who preferred TV noise in the background to radio or anything else, so I've also taken to watching them while at work. There's a whole crazy world of TV out there just waiting. Maybe I don't need cable...

(I totally do! Amazing Race is about to start...)

2 Response to "TV-Less"

  • Dianne Says:

    The daughter of a man I worked with is on this season of Amazing Race. She and her friend don't look like they'll last long from the picture in the local paper. Guess we'll see.

  • Anonymous Says:

    i love the brothers and sisters DVDs too. just started watching those after seeing this