After nearly three months we've finally managed to complete my moving in process. The lingering bags of clothing and crap that was to be sent to Goodwill, both in the new apartment and the old, have finally gone. The last item from Ikea (two butcher block counter tops) have been modified with elements to hold them in place and they now form a beautiful new counter top in the kitchen where formerly there was just the top of the washer and dryer. Kid Flash and I opened a (for rent and utilities only) joint checking account to make that a bit easier. There are no more boxes to be unpacked. No more items to be sold or eliminated. There are a few lingering wish list items, like cleaning out the hall closet, but I figure that stuff like that never goes away. So, I can officially say that the moving in period is over, and the living together period has begun. I'm finally beginning to feel like I live here, that I know where things are, and that things are "ours" instead of his. And do you know what I think got me over the hump? The dinner I cooked on Saturday. I woned the kitchen on saturday, chopping, cooking, planning, moving, deciding on serving dishes and choosing cooking times and methods and utensils. Somehow I "broke in" the apartment, and it's mine now. The change is subtle, and probably indistinct to most, but it feels good, and real to me, and I'm happy about it.

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