August 12 of 12

Time for a new 12 of 12, and exciting one today full of travel, and theatre! (To view the other participants go here.)

I woke up in a strange place this morning... a hotel on the coast of Connecticut. I was in town for the last few days shopping for set dressing and getting things ready for the production of Steel Magnolias that I designed for them.

First things first... a short walk down the street to get some coffee and breakfast. This is the exterior of the theatre. Cute, huh?

This is what the scenic painter did with the paint elevation that I sent last week, so my first task this morning is to see what I can do to soften this up a bit and fix it. It will be seen through a screen door center stage for the whole show, so it needs... help.

My next task, create a "tree" outside one of the windows of the salon/set. Later this got draped in Spanish Moss.

The crew loads in the ceiling tiles for the drop ceiling on the set.

At the props storage space for the theatre rummaging for set dressing, tchatchkes and whatnot. Pretty organized for a props room I must say.

More set work. The crew manufactured those Jalousie windows by hand, from real glass because the span was too far for plexi, it started to bow.

The set from the back of the house. Quite a bit to do before opening next Friday.

More props shopping, this time at Goodwill. I found a GREAT period coffee maker, two of them in fact, though I only bought one. Makes me wonder how two early 80's coffee makers, both in good repair end up in the same Goodwill.

I have to go to another load-in, for a show that I did at my regular job tomorrow, so it was the last commuter train back to the city for me. As you can tell the 8:15 to NY isn't the most popular.

Transferring to Metro North at New Haven. I love New Haven's train station, the waiting area upstairs is very Old World, turn of the century style architecture, but the tunnels underneath are 60's futuristic modern.

Back in the city, a shot you don't see a lot, a garbage train passing through the station, thankfully empty. The smell can be pretty bad when a full one goes through!

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