Swan's Man

I'm back in Connecticut to finish up Steel Magnolias. After rehearsal tonight they dropped me off at the hotel and I walked down the street to have dinner. The closest place was a little Mexican place so I went in. The food was only so-so but on the wall was a collection of sketches and signatures from various cartoonists that have been there over the years there was Hi from Hi and Lois sketches by Mort Walker himself, as well as a Beetle Bailey. The little girl to the right of Hi looks familiar too, but I can't place her. But most importantly... that is an original Curt Swan Superman sketch! Curt was THE superman artist from the Fifties right up until the Eighties and is enormously important to comic book history, and there... amazingly, and unexpectedly was a piece of original art by home, just scribbled on a wall. It made my night.

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