In Memoriam Requiscat (maybe)

Saturday evening I sat down to make my blog post. I had iTunes open syncing my iPod, and the latest episode of Amazing Race Asia was playing on youtube... and the screen froze. Maybe I was doing too many things at once... happens occasionally, I let the computer rest for a few minutes to try and catch up, but 10 minutes later... no dice. Still frozen. So I forced a reboot.

When the computer came back up I got a grey screen with a flashing question mark in the middle. After a few minutes of panic I logged online on Kid Flash's computer and after a quick google search discovered that this is the Mac equivalent of the Blue Screen Of Death. NOT good.

I tried a few of the suggestions at the help forums at, ("zapping" the PRAM, booting from CD) but from everything that I can determine it looks like my hard drive has failed. I have an appointment at the Genius Bar tomorrow to determine whether or not this is the case. If so, I am left with the choice of repairing the computer or buying a new one.

Ironically just after Mac released their new laptops last week KF and I had had a conversation wherein I extolled the virtues of new laptops and wondered aloud whether or not I could justify the expense of buying a new one. That was about 48 hours before my crash. I guess I'll find out tomorrow whether or not I'll be pulling some of my money out of savings.

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